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A Graduate from University of Rochester NY with a doctorate in Physical Science, Dr. Chauncey Jennifer Siemens travels the world to bring only prime cuts of pure, unadulterated science to the public.

Ham Dog Burnt In Fire is a HOAX!? Scientists say Yes!

Ham Dog Hoax Solved
Move over Snopes, there's a new hoax buster in town.  Animal Research Team at IFLscience.org decided to put their top researchers to work in discovering the truth behind the infamous viral photo of the burn face dog that is making it's rounds on Facebook.  With the help of a local off duty police officer and a $1.9 million dollar government...

ScienceHacks: Clever Re-purpose Uses for 7 Old Household Items

New Uses for Old Things
1.) Buzz Lightyear Toy Remember when your favorite son threw a temper tantrum in the middle of K-Mart just to get his hands on this little fella?  So, do we! Now lil' Tommy is an adult, spending his time off with his militia friends holding the Oregon National Wildlife Refuge hostage in exchange for his "freedoms" rather than playing "Toy Story"...

Science Breakthrough: Ostrich Skiing is all the Rage (Video Footage)

For decades the Scientific community has been plagued with one serious question.  Can we teach an Ostrich to Ski?  Thanks to a small team of scientists financed by Monsanto the question is finally answered, and that answer is Yes.  Yes, we can teach a common ostrich to ski, and very well we might add. "Initially we merely wanted to use...

Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Miracle Cure?

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures
Q: What can Apple Cider Vinegar Cure? A: Nothing: Apple Cider Vinegar has been scientifically proven to medically treat and cure absolutely nothing, you fucking idiot.

New Health Study Reveals Dangers of Vaping

Dangers of Vaping
Vaping Toxic Fumes is Not Healthy or "Cool" Last week news broke about a young man who suffered 3rd degree burns on his face and chest after an electronic vaporizing pen, also known as a "Hip Stick" exploded. As the new trend of huffing cigarette fumes through an electronic device grows in popularity we can expect to see more of these...

Kanye West Crypto Currency to Blame for Greek Economic Crash of 2015

Coinye West Kanye Greek Economic Crash
Did Kanye West Crypto Currency Tank the Greek Economy? The Greek Economic Crisis of 2015 is by far the worst economic crash the modern world has seen in recent times.  ATM machines were emptied last week as lines of Greece’s population rushed to cash out their life savings, in fear that any hesitation would leave them financially doomed.  Banks are...

Facebook to Ban Atheism from their Social Network over Cyber Bullying Tactics

Facebook Bans Atheists
During a closed-door session with the board of directors and shareholders Wednesday evening, Facebook executives released a new set of new controversial policy changes, which will be implemented as we move into the next year. Beginning at midnight, January 1st 2016 Facebook will take a stance against atheism by limiting their influence on the popular social network website.  All atheist related...

Missing Scientist Found Hiding in Secret LSD Drug Lab

Missing LSD Scientist Found
  A Couple from Cottage Grove, Minnesota discovered a man living inside a secret laboratory inside their basement.  On Friday, May 15th 2015 officers with the Warrington County Sheriffs Office went to the Morgan family’s home after receiving a call reporting a possible break in.  When the officers pulled up they saw the Morgan Family standing by the road. “They ran up...

VIDEO: The Majestic Blood Leech Devours Entire Earth Worm, in the name of SCIENCE!!

Worm Eaten by Leech Video
Original video clip from BBC's Wonders of the Monsoon: Episode 4.  (thaaaats right, this IFLScience credits it's source) DOUBLE CLICK THE VIDEO FOR FULL SCREEN! It's a little known fact that the common everyday earthworm is natural enemies with the beautiful leech.   The reasoning behind this should be quite obvious; both earthworms and leeches share only one trait outside of their...

Japan Engineers Design Robotic Bear to aid in Assisted Suicide

Japanese Robotic Suicide Bear
A team of engineers working for the JSDD, with help from the Orient Industry Company have created an experimental robotic bear to assist in euthanasia and assisted suicide in Japan. The growing suicide rate, as well as the senior population is becoming an increasing concern.  Hospital Staff, and Suicide Assistant Volunteers from the JSDD are required to help euthanize those...