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Could “Hard Styles” Kettlebell Exercise Be Causing Brain Damage?

Hard Style Kettlebell
The next time you hold your breath for exercising, please note that this may adversely affect your brain. I took a class recently doing hard styles kettlebells, it seems to be all the rage nowadays, managing to make the move from hardcore strength training tool to mainstream butt builder! It wasn't a bad class, it was full-body workout combining cardio, anaerobic activity and...

Newest Weight Loss Trend and Why You Should Give a Crap.

Eating Feces to Lose Weight
  Can eating the feces of skinny people help you to slim down and look great? With many successful rounds of experimenting, scientists now believe that the next greatest miracle obesity cure comes in the form of fecal feasts from more attractive skinny people. Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine has put together research that indicates microbes play a big...

Is there life on other worlds? HD 209458 b might hold the answer.

HD 209458 b
Is there life on other worlds? That is a big question and if we ever do know the answer, it could be years or maybe even many years before we do. So for now, we can ask simpler questions. Such as, could any of the other planets that we have discovered so far have the potential to actually support...

Meme About Using Lottery money To “Solve” Poverty is just hard to understand for Americans.

Powerball Lottery Math
The meme shown below has been wildly popular across Facebook, bringing home every liberal’s favorite talking point: sharing the wealth. It's pretty amazing how quickly this has circulated. That image was shared more than 1.08 million times in less than 24 hours. The popularity of the image was then written about in the mass media, including on Snopes, Gizmodo,...