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Russia Cracks Snowden Documents – Immediately Demands Investigations into Apollo Lunar Missions

"3 DAYS AFTER SNOWDEN FILES ARE DECRYPTED ....RUSSIA DEMANDS INVESTIGATIONS INTO APOLLO LUNAR MISSIONS" I'm sorry,, WHAT did you just say Moscow!? For the last week, while the masses in the U.S. have been very busy and diligently arguing over A FLAG,  the rest of the world has anxiously waited to see what kind of dirt Moscow would throw at the United States....

Southern Gardening Season in Full Bloom

Southern Gardening Season in Full Bloom
  “The South has a rich history of hard working people..." Communities across the South have been coming together in a rather peculiar way. These photos have been popping up in cities from Houston, TX, Alexandria, LA, across the Mississippi Delta, and all the way to the suburbs of Hotlanta itself. You might not think of gardening only feet from an...

Should Russia sell its entire space program?

Russia To Sell Entire Space Program
” …immediately after spacecraft separation, a series of telemetry problems were detected… “ In recent weeks some at the Russian Federal Space Agency – Roscosmos (re-branded in 1992)  have seriously started to doubt their ability to conduct even the simplest of tasks in the ever commercializing space industry.  The agency’s loss of Progress 44 in 2011, and now the same for Progress 59 in April of 2015...