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Anaphylactic death – the cure to the prison population

  Death row, where bad Americans go to die. But the cost of death is rising, and no one wants to pay the true price of extermination. At the other end of mother natures spectrum, her spreaders of life, the humble bee, is dying, and no one can afford to keep them alive. Until now. In a joint initiative, the Texan Bee...

Improve your love life – with stuff you find at home

How to Save your Love Life
There are few things more satisfying in a health loving relationship, than simulating penetration using breast. The vernacular, applied in this act of c ongress, ‘Soapy Tit Wank” belies the true bond the action brings to the happy couple. Commentators have called it the closet thing to being a living vagina, they have yet to find. While this romantic position conjures images...