Autism Linked Directly With Monsanto

Autism linked to GMO and Vaccines


Autism is certainly seeming to be the new buzz word in the anti-vaccination crowd.

However, the recent surge of Autism diagnoses in the US and other first world countries has closer correlations to first world luxuries than previously thought.

In the past decade, the US has shipped millions of vaccines to African nations.  The African populations are now more equipped to fight Measles Mumps and Rubella than nearly three quarters of Europe.  The United States has readily made it their mission to bring modern medicine into the homes of Africans.

On a recent mission to the impoverished nation of Somalia, President Barack Obama took several young African children in his arms on stage.  The President was handing over a large sized, cardboard check to the leaders of the tribes he was visiting.  On the check, in place of a dollar amount was the figure of 17,000 vaccines that the President and his White House Team of doctors had brought with them.

“Today,” the President started, “today marks a day.  Where all Africans in this village are also American.  For nearly 50 years I have been proud to call myself an African American.  I am honored to say that you folks can now say the same thing.”

You would think, then, that the numbers of autism in Africa would correlate directly with the recent surge of vaccines in the country.

85% of Africans that now have access to vaccines have 72% of the lifetime vaccines an adult in the US has.
Those are staggering numbers.

Yet, we do not see a correlating rise in the cases of Autism in Africa.

GMOs Cause Autism

In fact, Autism is largely absent in Africa.  The only places we see clusters of Autism are the US, Canada, France, Norway and Japan.

A startling new study has shed new light on the subject:

GMO and Austism






The rise in organic food sales directly coincides with the rise in Autism diagnoses.

The hipster/organic/free trade/vegan trend directly correlates with the rise in Autism in the affected nations.  For thousands of years, human beings have used pesticide and chemical compounds to combat insects and fungi growths on plant life.
In recent years, the “hipster” trend has taken that well established and proven area of concern and thrust it into the world of “non-GMO” and “organic” food on every shelf.

Without these pesticides and chemical compounds that have been naturally occurring in orchards and farmlands for thousands of years, the natural structural compounds of fruits, vegetables and even cattle are now able to show their true colors.  Mold and fungi are running rampant within these products.  Cattle are unable to fight off disease, chickens breasts have shrunk to nearly 10% of their normal size and vegetables are simply dying in the fields.  These chemicals have been a staple in United States consumerism for generations.

The US has the power to feed the world, yet they choose not to.  This is a direct result of bans and societal implications of using these “harmful” chemicals.

Areas with large concentrations of “black people smell” and the absence of these chemicals are entirely devoid of this Autism outbreak.  There are no hipsters in downtown Mali.  There are no Autistic kids running around, either.

You won’t see audio-sensory friendly products in Tanzania, or the Sudan.  These are countries that do not protest or warn against companies like Monsanto.  These are countries that allow the same chemicals that kept the US, Canada and Japan alive and healthy for thousands of years.

The chemicals that have kept US children safe for thousands of years are now under fire.  The pesticides and growth hormones utilized by Monsanto and countless other health organizations have no impact on the brain or learning development.  This is a proven and scientific fact.

What we’re seeing now as part of the Monsanto libel movement of 2015 is the demonization of chemicals that have helped shape the country and our own generation of humans.  It’s not only dangerous to our species, but also dangerous to our youth to begin ridding our crops and wildlife of the positive benefits gained by these companies.  That is a scientific fact.

Hopefully someday we can stop the rumors surrounding vaccinations and fully appreciate the sacrifices scientists have made to bring us to the place we are today.

The President of the United States is working on bringing Monsanto to some of these impoverished nations to fully explore what health benefits they may be able to take advantage of.  However, at the current time the United States should be looking at reinventing the “hipster” culture, as the “organic” food trend has caused Autism to rise to these levels.

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