In a world rampant with sexually transmitted disease and where infection lurks as a silent killer, HPV lies dormant in most men and women. However, for some of these sexually transmitted diseases, the men and women, girls and boys, suffer cancers, unsightly warts, and even unstoppable genital discharge.

In recent years, a largely ineffective vaccine has been developed for adolescents anywhere between the ages of 10-13. The widely hailed “miracle” vaccine only protected against the most common strain of HPV. Like the flu and other infectious viruses, the tree top diagnosis spans many different genetic mutations of the HPV virus.

Over the past ten years, it was apparent young men and women were granted a false sense of security when engaging in sexual activity, as even more of our youth were diagnosed with HPV. The silent killer lurked within Victoria Secret panties and the microscopic virus reached up, unknowingly, through condoms and other contraceptive devices to infect partners from non-symptomatic hosts.

HPV doesn’t have a socio-economic home. Children of all races, creeds, and classes are at risk. It is reported that over 75% of today’s sexually active men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 are infected and silently spreading the disease.

Dr. Farborough from the Texas Institute of Transmittable Sexual Sciences weighed in on the issue “we have an entire generation of women having relations with many men all at once.”

Women from the ages of 16-35 reportedly have had sexual relations with between 25-75 men on average, by respective age. Similar polls in the 1950’s revealed sexual partners closer to 2-5 within the same age groups and with the same demographic pool.

Evolutionary Evolution
Evolutionary Evolution

The death of the family unit is largely to blame with these staggering statistics. Earlier single moms actively tried to raise families while bedding men who were desperate enough to duck in and out of their secretive slutty lifestyle while the kids were at Grandma’s. The Millenial generation’s children are being taught that having a new boyfriend every week is healthy and normal. Children of these newer Millenials are witnessing men walk in and out of their lives at paces speedier than any other generation. Suddenly, it isn’t a “friend” coming over, but mommy’s “boyfriend” and the children are urged to go to sleep early while the throws of passion are heard from their section 8 housing, paper thin walls.

“This sudden increase in promiscuity is to blame for HPV,” Dr. Farborough explains, “women used to have morals, they used to look to the future of child birth and family. We simply don’t see that anymore.”

Dr. Farborough’s program focuses less on the contraceptives and vaccines shown to be largely ineffective, and more on not “sleeping with every guy who buys you a shot of Fireball,” he laughs.

“Abstinence is the number one combatant to HPV,” Dr. Farborough explains, “if girls would start acting like women and less like amateur pornography stars, less men would be infected with this deadly disease and we would start seeing a decrease in the HPV epidemic. 60 years ago we never saw this type of calamity. Men’s behavior has remained the same, however the empowerment and feminist movement of the past 50 years has created this mutual air of promiscuity unprecedented in modern society.”

Dr. Farborough’s peer reviewed study clearly shows the correlation between promiscuity and rampant HPV diagnoses in urban areas in America. His group programs promoting abstinence and castration among target youth groups has seen a tremendous positive effect within the most affected communities. Communities laying 60% below the federal poverty level have seen the largest influx of new HPV cases, and the TITSS team have committed themselves to early intervention with these cases. Host families have been offered $50,000 in castrating their young boys and girls in an effort to stall this epidemic.

For every host family castrated, possibly hundreds of young women and men are saved. Although the science points to decreasing enjoyment of sex for maximum effect, there are oppositional groups dedicated to the sexualization of sex.

“These groups just want to give a label to procreation,” Dr. Farborough stated, “we’ve tried sexual empowerment for 60 years, it is clearly not working on an evolutionary level.”

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