Insemination and Homosexuality

Pregnant Men

For years young homosexual families have suffered because of the biological inability to procreate.  The anti-gay agenda has only furthered this tenet and made it a mainstay in today’s society.

At this point in time, the process for a male to have a child in an a-sexual setting (homosexual settings are still outlawed in 47 states), the male must present a need for the child to be born in such an a-typical household.  Criteria such as household income, probability of future employment, impact of child-rearing of current employment, criminal record, likelihood of family vacations, general impact of only having one real parent, and a myriad of other factors are taken into consideration.  Many times a single male is stripped of parental rights simply because of the state’s propensity and the male transgressions of molestation after these types of ownership of children are granted (only while taking the male perspective in real view).

Thankfully, the  Rhode Island School of Design has recently unveiled its new program that aims to create a gender neutral insemination process.  For the children involved, there is a very real probability that they will live lives just as someone with a real mom and dad.

“Many of the young women and men involved in the insemination tests are unaware of their beginnings,” Professor Wright explained, “we’re trying to build a species that finds these things unimportant but it will take several generations.  Apparently the first was not enough if we’re taking these measures to reel them back in.  We’ll fix that.  As we always do.”

Gay Couples Make Babies

Wright goes on to explain, “the a-sexual insemination and adoption process is a lot easier for society to proverbially swallow than say, a homosexual couple walking home with a newborn.  Even the Chinese adoption agencies are starting to curb the homosexual population trying to adopt all of their female children.”

Most agree that gender neutral adoption has taken the stigma out of homosexual child-rearing.  Child molestation in these settings are much lower than in a setting where two men are allowed to fornicate, and confusion about relationships has reportedly fallen dramatically.  Conversations about sex with the children in question is much easier than with a fully sexual homosexual couple, and school grades in general are dramatically higher.

“This may be the answer the homosexual community has been longing for,” Wright finishes in his report, “we can’t allow any kind of unsupervised homosexual sex fest around our youth.  But if the homosexual population proves to adoption agencies that they are able to curb their sadistic desires, I really feel they deserve at least a chance at raising children of their own.”

Children in a-sexual and gender neutral situations at RISD have shown some real promise to someday become artists or even something that contributes to society.  RISD’s study on the subject of homosexual parenting may certainly be the first peer reviewed scientific study to come out of the campus.  Many professors involved are very excited about this fact.  Professor Wright even weighed in on the idea, “RISD has for so long been admonished as ‘The Brown For Idiots Who Can’t Show up to Class on Time and Call Themselves Artists.’  This is the chance to prove real college attendees wrong,” Wright continues,  “artistry doesn’t have to mean failure.”

If one thing is clear in the reports and the education on the matter– this is the way of the future.  If we can end the sexuality in our adoption process, homosexual couples can begin to influence lives.

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