Less Than 2% of People Can Spot the Soldier

Spot the Soldier


Will you get 100%??

The following photos were taken with the cooperation of German Army Nationales in Germany.

Armies across the globe are trained in tactical hand to hand combat and camouflage in remote settings.  However, with an increasing number of snipers called upon to target higher profile, city-dwelling enemies, the field of camouflage is shifting toward a proficiency in what is generally called “urban camouflage.”

“When a sniper is walking around a city wearing traditional camouflage pants, the kids think he’s an Emo, or a wannabe!”  Professor Bertczhe from the German Institutes of Science laughed, “we wanted to introduce a line of urban camouflage equipment to aide in the efforts of our highest profile snipers.”

Take a look at these photos and we’ll see if you can tell where the urban sniper is hiding

I wonder if those children were even aware of the danger they could’ve been in!

Nestled in a crowd of thousands, a sniper lurks..

Hidden in the grape leaves!

Perched high above the street below, the sniper waits for his target.

Another sniper proving that for many surrounding his craft, he’s just a regular person, or a piece of tree.

It’s almost an art form, the way that these snipers are able to almost dissolve into the background of their surroundings.  Their chameleon-like facade almost fluid as they move from perch to perch.  The nature of national defense is changing at a rapid pace, it is imperative that these young men are able to evolve with it.

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