The Mid-Atlantic Blizzard of 2016: Why Is The Govt Killing Us With Snow?

Could A New Man Made Ice Age Usher In The NWO?


I’m an engineer by trade, and admittedly my expertise is not weather or weather science. However, I do have eyes and nerve endings and any dummy can see and feel that our weather patterns are just whacked out of balance. Excessive rain in Texas, Earthquakes in Oklahoma, and the East Coast is entering the first stages of an Ice Age. That’s irrefutable science.

What’s behind these changes differs depending on what experts you talk to. Some say gas fumes or something, lol, but what sounds the most convincing to me is that the government is behind utilizing weather control technology for nefarious purposes such as population culling and destroying enemies abroad. I talked to Dr. Robert Mackey from MIT about the possibility of such devices existing. “Yes”, he said. That settles it. He’s an expert.

The technology behind these devices, according to the experts I’ve interviewed, has been around for a long time and really easy to understand if you examine the graph below.

Just last weekend, a killer storm hit my home state of Maryland. We received 30 inches of snow in less than 24 hrs. People died, and it was traumatizing digging our vehicles out of all that snow. One thing you noticed was that this was an unusually white snow. Like, more white than what you normally see. What’s up with that? Maybe I have another investigation on my hands.

We can only speculate the reasons behind the government’s recent fascination with weather control devices. In 2015 alone, the Pentagon spent over 98 Billion dollars on their War Weather Sciences lab. It only stands to reason that they would be experimenting on their own citizens, as is their history, before implementing them on the battlefield. What isn’t speculation is that the experiments are real. Bob Carver of Prince George’s County MD said, “Every time we get snow, it’s more and more ridiculous. Anyone can see that foul play is afoot here.” Mr. Carver said he had written his local councilman to no avail. There’s a town hall meeting next week in which he hopes to have a chance to express his concerns publicly. God speed, Mr. Carver. I think we’re running out of time before we all suffer at the hands of our corporate masters.

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