Russia Cracks Snowden Documents – Immediately Demands Investigations into Apollo Lunar Missions

It was confirmed on June 16th that the Russians and Chinese have now decrypted and possess the entire Snowden documents


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I’m sorry,, WHAT did you just say Moscow!?


For the last week, while the masses in the U.S. have been very busy and diligently arguing over A FLAG,  the rest of the world has anxiously waited to see what kind of dirt Moscow would throw at the United States. It didn’t take long  …yet seemed to drift by almost unnoticed.



It was confirmed on June 16th that the Russians and Chinese have now decrypted and possess the entire Snowden documents. Edward Snowden stole over ONE MILLION classified documents from National Security Agency (NSA) computers while working for the CIA as an analyst. His entire hard drive contained  US intelligence secrets dating back 50-60 years through the present.



British intelligence (MI6) began pulling covert assets out of countries they considered hostile in the days leading up to this information reaching the public, _around the 13th of June _  though they have yet to reply to enquiries made by the press. This isn’t surprising considering the nature of the assets (a.k.a. people) involved. These are essentially spies placed in foreign countries and governments. They could be executed  – more than likely if exposed. Western governments might do the same. You will never hear about any of it.

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These events have been slightly overshadowed by more of a media favorite I.E.  SHOCKING GUN VIOLENCE  related activities in the Southeastern U.S. over the last week, and a flag. This is usually the case when something big happens on the international scene. A hand full of international press and some domestic outlets in the US have picked up on pieces of the story.  Most have made Russia’s demands for investigations into the lunar landings to be outrageous and nothing more than conspiracy theories. The Russian Federation however just obtained more classified information than any common citizen would ever know in a lifetime. So, let’s give it a bit of time and see what happens next.

We at IFLScience are only interested in the cold hard truth of the matter. We’ll give you the best of the facts as they are possible. No one should start screaming conspiracy unless we see blatant and undeniably scientific data proving otherwise. We have contacted Matt Damon’s agent for comment and are still awaiting a response.


…..stay tuned for more on this story.