The Female Orgasm: Disproven

Hello fellas. Ever have an ex-girlfriend tell you that she was faking her orgasms when you were intimate? Well, breathe easy, according to a new scientific study, ALL GIRLS ARE.

Science of the Female Orgasm

Hello fellas. Ever have an ex-girlfriend tell you that she was faking her orgasms when you were intimate? Well, breathe easy, according to a new scientific study, ALL GIRLS ARE.

Back in September, you may recall the story where a team of researchers gathered 15 women volunteers into a lab and caused each to “orgasm.” Some females, during sexual stimulation expel large amounts of fluid from their vaginal region. These women were self-reported “squirters.” Until that important research, doctors were unsure where the fluid came from, and what it was truly comprised of.

The team took an MRI of the bladder before “orgasm” and directly after. They found that the amount of liquid expelled and the amount of liquid missing from the bladder were directly correlated. Lab testing confirmed the liquid as human urine.

This form of orgasm was simply the release of urine, all over a loved one.

The team of researchers wanted to move a step further to understand the elusive female orgasm, so they reconvened to study the actual synapses firing in the women’s brains during and after sexual stimulation.

In male subjects, very specific portions of the parietal lobe light up as they approach and release orgasm. Neurochemicals are released as chemical messengers. These bring the feeling of pleasure from the neurons that control the genital region, directly into the brain. Imagine a million lights all shooting from your cerebellum to your amygdala and even your pituitary gland, this is what a man’s brain looks like directly preceding an orgasm.

Is the Female Orgasm Real?During orgasm, the region behind a man’s left eye actually shuts down. This is known as the orbitofrontal cortex, and it is said to control behavior and act as a voice of reason. During this time, men lose all function of that portion of the brain stem. He is left in a state of euphoria, often compared to the euphoric high of heroin users.

For the first time in scientific history, women were brought in to test the “female orgasm” myth.

They were separated and given anything they desired to ensure comfort. The scientists affixed brain monitoring equipment to the women’s heads and gave them privacy.

What they saw was amazing.

The pleasure sensors were dull, and not nearly as pronounced as in the men’s brains. The Neurochemicals were not nearly as active, and as each woman pressed the button in her room signaling she’d “finished,” there was no shut down of the orbitofrontal cortex, and no increase in activity. The difference in a woman’s brain preceding and following an orgasm was more akin to a light jog than an orgasm.

Female's brain directly before climax
Female’s brain directly before climax

Most of the women came clean in the exit interviews once confronted with the evidence.

As video was played back to one young lady who claimed to “squirt” during climax, she hung her head and looked up, “please tell me I wasn’t the only one, I kind of knew all along that it was probably just pee. My partners have all seemed to re
ally get into it though.”

Woman after woman confessed to maybe thinking that something was happening “down there,” but never actually feeling the euphoric high supposedly felt after a male orgasm. This new light that has been shed on the female anatomy is paramount to the female and male psyche.

The doctors leading the experiment had this to offer, “this scientific study was not to shame women. It was to shed light and open the conversation to stop young women from having unrealistic expectations about their bodies and sexual lives.”
When asked of the societal implications of this study, Dr. Louise Feintzheld answered, “we have a scientific answer to why men objectify women in the way they do. Women do not have the same desires or sexual drives. Where a man exhibits a carnal desire to enter into the euphoria of orgasm, a woman is stuck going for the equivalent of a light jog. Some people don’t mind jogs, but you certainly wouldn’t JOG someone against their will.”

She continued, “this is the beginning of understanding rape culture in the United States and beyond. We have done good work here, and hopefully people will fully realize that seducing a women when she is intoxicated or high is rape. Women are not wired to enjoy sex, and therefore it is simply not an equal playing field.”

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